The California State Bar is a criminal enterprise


The State Bar and their buddies Judges and attorneys



The state bar is a criminal Enterprise


Background: My complaints  to the Bar Association against the following Judges: Lucas, Kirwan, Walsh, Symons and Attorney Gullen were filed on 11/27/2014 for the following :

As of Nov 26, 2014 Judges Walsh, Kirwan, Symons and Attorney Gullen are accessories to 246 criminal violations of the California Penal Code by Judge Lucas who never filed answers to the following motions:


Default Judgments

On 8/16/2014 I filed the following default Judgments which Judge Lucas did not dispute or answer : Judge Walsh must grant the following default Judgments by law:

1: Default Judgment to impeach Judge Lucas

Default Judgment to suspend Judge Lucas

3 Default Judgment to issue and injunction against Judge Lucas

4 Default Judgment to grant summary Judgment of 7/29/2014

5.Default Judgment for Judge Walsh to remove and replace Judge Lucas from 9/25/2014 Hearing.

  1. Default Judgment for Judge Walsh to disqualify Judge Lucas from any Judicial duties per the injunction, supension and impeachment
  1. Default Judgment to vacate Judge Lucas’ 8/27/2014 Order to dismiss 7/29/2014 Summary Judgment. Check following link

   Motion to file impeachment proceeding 

The tentative rulings issued by Judge Lucas on 9/25/2014 show she continues her Judicial duties though barred by law to act as a Judge.

Judge Walsh

Judge Walsh ignored every one of the above default Judgments to show he upholds the law and is not influenced by any misguided loyalty to corrupt Judges.

Judge Walsh is Judge Lucas’s partner in crime. Judge Walsh trespasses on the law and brazenly disregards the safety of the public from Criminal Judge Lucas. He is accessory to 246 Criminal Violations of the California Penal Code plus additional violations shown below

Judge Lucas and Attorney Gullen

Between 9/11/2014 and today, 11/26/2014 the following evidence shows further proof of bribery of Judge Lucas by Gullen. This concerns  oppositions filed by Gullen on behalf of Judge Lucas.

1: Court to summarily suspend Judge Lucas

2.To assign an  Impartial Judge

3.To vacate Judge Lucas Null and Void order



In this motion, Gullen asserts no evidence that he bribed Judge Lucas. However, Lucas did not dispute the charges which proves indeed she was bribed by Gullen. Also Gullen did not dispute the bribery charges.

On Oct 14, I filed a motion to suspend attorney Gullen from the case which he did not dispute. Therefore he is barred from this case and violated the law by filing  on Nov 6, 2014, an opposition to my motion to compel Superior Court judges to remove criminal Judge Lucas from the bench. It is obvious he conspired with Judge Lucas to wipe out my motion. Click on following link

Santa Clara Superior Court is a criminal enterprise 

Judges Kirwan and Symons

                                    Judge Symons


On Nov 7, 2014, I filed motions against Judges Kirwan and Symons . Judge Ariadne Symons filed an order on 10/31/2014 denying motion to recuse Judge Lucas. Symons is out of Jurisdiction since she is a family Judge of the Superior Court of Watsonville, Santa Cruz county. She therefore became accessory to 246 criminal violations of the California Penal Code by Judge Lucas plus additional violations shown below


Judge Kirwan

On October 21 I filed the following motions:

Amended Motion for Judge   Kirwan to grant default

Judgment  Motion for Judge Kirwan to preside at Oct 30, 2014 hearing

As Judge It was his duty to abide by the above motions since he did not file any opposition He knew Judge Lucas was barred from presiding in any and all cases since I had impeached her and she did not dispute those default Judgments.

Therefore, by refusing to perform his judicial duties, Judge Kirwan became accessory to 246 criminal violations of the California Penal Code and must be disbarred.He has failed his duty to administer Justice plus additional violations shown below.


Updated criminal violations


Original violations were 246. There is an additional 14 for 10/13/2014, see below. Also on Nov 6.2014 Lucas issued 14 rulings which makes 98 further violations. The total now 358 criminal violations of the California Penal Code

Motion to compel Santa Clara DA to prosecute Judges Walsh, Lucas,Symons, Kirwan and attorney Gullen


Santa Clara DA must prosecute above parties who have conspired to commit fraud, perjury, obstruction of Justice, abuse of power, bribery, denial of due process, denial of equal protection under the law. The total criminal violations are 358.

From above report it is more than obvious the four Judges: Lucas, Walsh, Kirwan, Symons, and Attorney Gullen do not belong on the bench or practicing law and must be cast out  from the Court  and disbarred for the protection of the public.

Motion to prosecute


State Bar of California 

Click of State Bar letter     State Bar Reply to complaint 

The State Bar of California is an administrative arm of the California Supreme Court, protecting the public and seeking to improve the justice system for more than 80 years. All lawyers practicing law in California must be members of the State Bar.

This is well and good, however the truth is something else. As referred to Case 114CV258827 the Bar association has brazenly covered up the criminal actions of four Judges of the Santa Clara Superior Court and an attorney who did not dispute the criminal charges above. The bar association  absolves above Judges and Attorney knowing full well they are criminals. I can only conclude that the Bar Association is  a criminal enterprise accessory to 356 criminal violations of the California Penal Code and whose secret goal is to shield criminal Judges and Attorneys from just punishment


Based on my complaint The bar association asserts the following:


Bar Association: You have previously filed a motion to recall Judge Walsh and Judge Lucas, which was denied.

Marosi: False, That motion was never denied. The Bar association covers up the criminal acts of the above parties,therefore it is guilty of perjury, abuse of power, obstruction of Justice, conspiracy to commit fraud, accessory to 358 criminal violations of the California Penal Code.

I have filed motions to disbar Judges Walsh, Kirwan, Lucas, Symons and Attorney Gullen based not on allegations but on motions against parties above which were not disputed. Therefore the above admitted their guilt and must be disbarred by Law.

Above Judges and attorney ignored the rules of the court since they never disputed my motions as required by CCP854C  as follows:

2014 California Rules of Court

Rule 8.54. Motions

(c) Failure to oppose motion: A failure to oppose a motion may be deemed a consent to  granting of the motion.



Bar Association: As to your complaints against Judges Lucas, Walsh and Kirwan, please be advides that the State Bar has no authority to consider your complaint because judges are not active members of the State Bar.

Marosi: Whether or not Judges are not active members of the Bar is irrelevant, they are members of the Bar and must abide by the Bar’s rule of ethics. They have committed criminal acts and therefore must be disbarred by Law.



Bar Association: As to your complaint against Mr. Gullen, we do not have sufficient facts before us that Mr. Gullen has been involved in or convicted of any crimes. Mere speculation does not provide the basis for investigation.

Marosi: I have filed over 15 motions against above parties including Mr. Gullen, none of them disputed. The Bar association has access to all these motions. My motions against above parties have not been disputed, therefore those parties must be disbarred. It is evident the bar brazenly acts as counsel for those criminals.

The criminal Judges and attorney do not even bother to dispute the motions. They are confident the Court and the Bar Association will cover up for them. The Bar association tramples the constitutional rights of the public and   is composed of criminals paid by the tax payers to screw them!