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   The real face of Judge Patricia Lucas


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To all members of the press This is a press release of Corruption in the Santa Clara Superior Court involving Presiding Judge Brian Walsh, Judge Lucas and Attorney Richard Gullen                                       You may reach me at 650-969-2457 and my email is gmarosi@aol

Santa Clara superior Court is a criminal organization   On 9/23/2014 I filed an amended motion for all 89 Judges of the Santa ClaraSuperior Court to recall Judge Walsh. because of his brazen disregard for the law, Presiding Judge Walsh still  allows Criminal Judge Lucas to remain on the bench in spite of her pleading guilty by default to  130 criminal violations of the California Penal Code including bribery.  of

As of today October 16/2014 there is no sign of any reaction by the Judges to recall Walsh. Does this not mean that the entire Court is criminal? Judge for yourself!  

    Background: On May 10th 2013, I mailed Old Republic title a demand for $82,184 for a property at 144 South 20th, San Jose which 2d deed of trust to the former owners the Mc Neils  had not been paid of. On Dec 23rd, 1991 a deed of trust for the amount of $   2 6, 000  was recorded in book L797 of official records , page 281.

On 8/1/2003, I received a payoff demand from Alliance Title for $26,000 which I signed on 9/3/2003 and mailed back on 9/3/2003. Alliance did not pay me off. Around April of 2013 I found the original note of $26,000 for that property and realized that it was never paid off. I therefore contacted Old Republic who paid off and  sued the Mc Neils for the pay off.   I was then countersued by the McNeils on the Grounds they had paid off.

On 7/27/2014 I filed  Summary Judgment since There are no factual issues remain to be tried and therefore a cause of action or all causes of action in this complaint can be decided without trial

. Click on following link for detail. After I recused two Judges the case was assigned to Judge Patricia Lucas who turned out to be most brazenly corrupt Judge I have ever encountered. Within two months I identified 130 Criminal violations of the California Penal Code she committed. I appealed to Judge Walsh in every one of my more than ten motions, but he stonewalled me and ignored every motions. Amended summary Judgment

                    A primer in Court Procedure  

At this point, the reader might say that since I am a pro-per litigant, I don’t know what I am talking about. Maybe I am a disgruntled litigant who dislikes the ruling of an impartial Judge and raises all kinds of hell about it. well, that is not true. I have been fighting corruption in the Courts for over five years now and found out a bunch of stuff. First, Judges hate pro-per litigants because they don’t identify with them.

They are originally attorneys who became Judges, not through competence, but through cronyism. They get elected or appointed because they have the mouth, they have buddies in the Legal profession and they get pulled to the position of a Judge. They pay no attention to the oath of Justices. Their primary allegiance is to their fellow judges. Hang society. They could care less.

So, how do they screw Pro-per litigants? All sorts of way. Ignore evidence, ignore the laws, deny due process, accept bribes from the attorneys, either as money or as a favor, or just because they hate pro-per Litigants. In my case, I had filed a summary Judgment against the McNeils which had not been opposed, so Judge Lucas should have granted me the motion per CCP585.

Instead, she wrote a  tentative ruling dismissing my motion based on the merits which she had no business doing since she had to by law grant the motion. It should have been a slam dunk. A motion filed in court must be answered no less that nine court days before the hearing. If not answered then the motion must be granted by law. After that the pro-per files a motion for default Judgment which must be granted by law.

From the outset of this case I filed about twenty motions undisputed by either Attorney Gullen or Judge Lucas. Then I filed about seven Motion for default Judgments again unanswered by Judge Lucas or Judge Walsh or Attorney Gullen. None of those motions were granted or acknowledged. I filed motions with the court to suspend, impeach, recuse, injunct, remove Lucas from the bench.. I filed motions  for all 89 Judges to recall  Presiding Judge Walsh .

This  since he should have booted Lucas from the bench for all her criminal violations of the California Penal Code.  None of these motions were granted. They were all ignored, as if I don’t exist.   Superior Court for sale.Judge Walsh protects Judge Lucas and attorney Gullen   The Superior Court is for sale if you are an attorney litigating against a pro-per litigant.

None of the Judges of the Santa Clara Superior Court will acknowledge pro-per litigators. Any case a pro per files in the Superior Court of Santa Clara will be a slam dunk for the attorney whatever the merits of the case is. Judge Walsh refuses to suspend Judge Patricia Lucas who does not dispute 130 criminal violations of the California penal Code.

He refuses to grant my summary Judgments. He refuses to sanction Attorney Gullen although I have proven he has bribed Judge Lucas. he is also accessory to the above criminal violations including bribery. Judge Walsh must be recalled and removed from the bench which he has disgraced. Judge Walsh is the Presiding Judge of  Santa Clara County.It his his  duty by law to promote access to Justice to all members of the Public. He has sworn the following oath

                    28 U.S. Code § 453 – Oaths of  justices and judges

t                      : “I, Brian Walsh, do solemnly swear that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will  faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me  under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”.

However, Judge Walsh has secretly sworn another Oath  : “I, Brian Walsh, do solemnly swear that I will protect my fellow criminal Judges,  the hell with  justice without respect to the persons, and do zero right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will  with great zeal trample the  Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me myself.”.       

I . Judge Walsh thinks he is immune and impervious to the laws of our Country.   This case has been going on since June 17/2014. The Court has subjected me to a constant barrage of illegal Maneuvers. I have made a study of the ratings of the 89 Judges of the Santa Clara Superior court and have found out of the 89  only six honest enough to render Justice. The Court assigned two Judges  to my case who I immediately recused.

The third Judge assigned was Patricia Lucas. Upon checking her ratings on the Robing Room Site which rates Judges I found out that she is totally prejudiced. Click on the following link and you find out she has six ratings from defendants whose rights have been trampled by her.  

 Lucas ratings.pdf

Therefore I recused her  on 8/12/2014, based on ccp 170.1 which states recusal is appropriate if you suspect prejudice.  She struck the recusal on 9/18/2014. Between 8/12/2014 and today 9/25/2014, I have filed over ten motions addressed to Presiding Judge Walsh to recuse her. In the process I identified against her 54 Criminal Violations of the California Penal code.

I filed a summary Judgment against The McNeils which were not answered and therefore should have been granted by the Court. Nevertheless, Judge Lucas Issued a tentative order on 8/18/2014  which she finalized on 8/18/2014 although Attorney Gullen did not show up at the hearing on 8/19/2014. Following link shows How Judge Walsh has broken the law.  

  Motion for Judge Walsh to enforce the law 

The final straw occurred when Judge Pichon wrote me  a letter totally absolving Judge Lucas from any wrong doing.This, after she never disputed the 54 criminal violations of the California Penal Code against her. This shows conclusively she is a criminal. In Spite of all this Judge Walsh allows her to continue presiding in Court, a brazen violation of the statutes. Click on following    

  Judge Pichon Letter

Patricia Lucas

Judge Patricia Lucas is a Judge at the Santa Clara Superior Court
  • She was appointed by former governor Gray Davis in December 2002 to succeed Edwin Pearce, II.[1][2]  
  •  Why did  she allow herself to be bribed by Attorney Gullen and accumulate a total of 130 criminal violations of the California Penal Code  
    • Judicial rating: F 

  • WalshJudge Brian Walsh was first appointed to the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara County in 2000 and is currently the Assistant Presiding Judge. Assistant Presiding Judge Walsh was admitted to the Bar in 1972 and earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame and his Juris Doctor from University of California Berkeley Law School (Boalt Hall).
  • Above about Judge Walsh is well and good but does not explain why he allowed himself to be bribed byAttorney Gullen  and accumulate a total of 130 criminal violations of the California Penal Code  

    Judicial rating: F 


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