District Attorney Jay Boyarski, party to the crime of Conspiracy to grand theft and forgery


The courts  

To all members of the press

This is a press release of grand theft  in the Santa Clara Superior Court involving Assistant District Attorney Jay Boyarsky, Presiding Judge Rise Pinchon,  Assistant presiding Judge Lucas, Judge James Stoelker  and Attorney Richard Gullen


                            DA Jay boyarsky

Boyarsky copy



The public has a general distrust of attorneys for their rapacity and endless stretching of case so as to excise the maximum bucks from their clients.

Most folks avoid them as they would rats infested with the bubonic plague. Unfortunately they need them. Most attorneys are crooked but  stay within the bounds of the law. Gullen has an edge, he has three Judges in his pocket,Presiding Judge Rise Pinchon,  Judge Patricia Lucas and Judge James Stoelker  of the Santa Clara Superior Court.  What Gullen and Lucas and Stoelker and Presiding Judge Rise Pinchon  did is to conspire to steal from me the sum of $31,084. They did this by flagrantly violating every statutes in the book.

Trusting on the District Attorney’s office to rectify matters, I filed a demand to compel DA Jay Boyarsky to prosecute the above three Judges and attorney. This is his reply.


Hello Mr. Marosi,
I am sorry that you are still embroiled in this unfortunate dispute.  I recall with some level of fondness some of our communications from the past.
The “motion to compel” is not a viable legal request.
As I think I’ve explained, you have certain options, most of them involve hiring counsel to pursue civil rememdies.  The Santa Clara County Bar Association can provide attorney referrals.
Again, I am sorry that I cannot comply with your legal filings.
Jay Boyarsky
 The hell of it is that None of the Judges or attorney dispute they are guilty of the crimes of grand theft and forgery.

On  11/10/2015 I filed Motions stating as follows:

1.Demand to compel James Stoelker and Patricia Lucas to dispute that they are out of Jurisdiction and trespassers of the law

2. Demand to compel James Stoelker, Patricia Lucas and Richard Gullen to dispute that they have conspired to commit grand theft 

    3.Demand to compel James Stoelker, Patricia     Lucas, Richard Gullen and Clerk Lan Wang to  void  Judgments within 3     days of filing  this pleading

 Unless Lucas and Stoelker, Clerk Lan Wang and Gullen can dispute their lack of jurisdiction and consequent trespassing of the law they must void all rulings they have made in this case within 3 days of filing of this pleading.Else ,they admit they have conspired to commit grand theft, forgery, perjury, denial of due process, denial of equal protection under the law.


Demand to Judge Pinchon to agree she trespasses on the law if she fails to compel Clerk Lan Wang to do her duty within 3 days


Neither Pinchon,  Lucas, Stoelker, Gullen and clerk Lan Wang disputed the above motions. Therefore, they admit being guilty of the charges.


  Patricia Lucas

Lucas photo

She has been a member of the Santa Clara County Superior Court bench for less than 9 years, but already Lucas has made a deep impression on the bar community. She has not made  a deep impression on any Proper litigant that has faced her. 

Lucas has just been appointed to the post of Assistant Presiding Judge with Judge Pinchon as Presiding Judge. Since Lucas admits trespassing on the Law, Judge Pinchon will have to dismiss her as assistant presiding Judge.

She discriminates and hates proper litigants and will deny them all rights and protection

                                  Lucas ratings.pdf


                                  James Stoelker

Mount Principal James L. Stoelker Appointed to Superior Court

James Stoelker, principal at Mount & Stoelker, PC, has been appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to serve as a judge on the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

61-year old Judge Stoelker of Saratoga brings more than three decades of experience to the legal profession. He joined Mount in 1987 and practiced in the areas of real property and title insurance litigation.

Mr Stoelker  discriminates and hates proper litigants and will deny them all rights and protection. Check following link and appreciate how honest Stoelker is 

Stoelker refuses to recuse himself

By the way, neither Lucas nor Stoelker dispute they have committed conspiracy to grand theft. Link to the following Motions

 Grand theft by Lucas, Stoelker and Gullen


               As the Stomach turns. Corruption in the Superior Court the              County of Santa Clara

                         On 10/13/2014 I filed a demand  to suspend Gullen.  This suspension disqualifies any Judge from ruling on my case.

                        On 11/28/2014 I filed a motion to cancel the Lucas    12/11/2014 hearing  not disputed By Gullen or Lucas. That hearing could not be held  nor could Lucas issue a ruling  on that date since Gullen was  suspended. Nevertheless On 12/11/2014 Lucas ruled for default,  void since Gullen was  suspended . Also she did not sign it  which immediately made it a forgery.

On  1/28/2015 I filed a motion to vacate Lucas’s   order which was not  disputed.

  On    7/9/2015  Gullen filed a Request for Court  Judgment which was void and  a forgery, since I had filed 1/28/2014  motion  to vacate and he was suspended from filing docs  in the court.Also I was not served.

   On 9/2/2015 Judge Stoelker rendered judgment for Gullen for $31,084. With Gullen suspended, Stoelker’s ruling was a forgery since he could not rule in this case.

On 10/15/2015 Gullen filed a Notice of abstract of Judgment, a forgery because he was suspended.

Then between 10/21/2015 and 11/18,2015 I filed a total of 8 Motions essentially to void five documents as follows

Demand to compel the Clerk of the Court Lan Wang to void all forged motions filed by Richard Gullen and validated by Out of Jurisdiction Lucas and Stoelker ,

  1. 12/11/2014 Default ruling by Lucas 
  2. 1/16/2015 Notice of Entry of order (Appendix 
  3. 7/9/2015 request for Court Judgment
  4. 10/6/2015 Stoelker Judgment (Appendix D)
  5. 10/15/2015 Gullen abstract of Judgment (Appendix E)

All of those motions were ignored by and not disputed  by  Lucas, Stoelker and Gullen   


                Pinchon, Lucas, Stoelker and Gullen committed 245 criminal  violations of the California Penal Code as  follows:

Perjury, forgery, denial of due process,  obstruction of Justice, abuse of power,  denial of equal protection under the law, Conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to  commit grand theft of $31,000.

   The total counts is 245 Counts of Criminal Violations of the                         California Penal Code for Boyarsky, Pinchon, Lucas, Stoelker and Gullen

 Each count is at least 6 Months   jail. Therefore each is                             theoretically looking at 122   years jail time


Chapter 5. Larceny – California Penal Code Section 487


Grand theft is theft committed in any of the following cases:(a) When the money, labor, or real or personal property taken is of a value exceeding nine hundred fifty dollars $950



On May 10th 2013, I mailed Old Republic title a demand for $82,184 for a property at 144 South 20th, San Jose which 2d deed of trust to the former owners the Mc Neils  had not been paid of. On Dec 23rd, 1991 a deed of trust for the amount of $   2 6, 000  was recorded .On 8/1/2003, I received a payoff demand from Alliance Title for $26,000 which I signed on 9/3/2003 and mailed back on 9/3/2003. Alliance did not pay me off.

Around April of 2013 I found the original note of $26,000 for that property and realized that it was never paid off. Old Republic Title who had issued title insurance paid me  of $75,000. It  then sued the Mcneill asserting they had kept the pay off money

I was then countersued by the McNeils on the Grounds they had paid off. Attorney Gullen represented the McNeils. On his brief he accused me of fraud without any evidence. 

This case has been going on since June 17/2014. The Court has subjected me to a constant barrage of illegal Maneuvers. I have made a study of the ratings of the 89 Judges of the Santa Clara Superior court and have found out of the 89  only six honest enough to render Justice. The Court assigned two Judges  to my case who I immediately recused. The third Judge assigned was Patricia Lucas.  Click on the following link and you find out she has six ratings from defendants whose rights have been trampled by her.

  Lucas ratings.pdf


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