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Lady Justice
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Gilbert Marosi Fighting Against Injustice



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To all members of the press

This is a press release of grand theft  in the Santa Clara Superior Court involving Judge Lucas and the firm of Rossi, Hammerslough, Reischl & Chuck and Attorney Gullen

                                  Rossi, Hammerslough etc, A corrupt law firm( will abbreviate to Rossi,etc

The public has a general distrust of attorneys for their rapacity and endless stretching of case so as to excise the maximum bucks from their clients.

Most folks avoid them as they would rats infested with the bubonic plague. Unfortunately they need them. Most attorneys are crooked but  stay within the bounds of the law. Rossi,etc have an edge, they hav a Judge in his pocket, Judge Patricia Lucas of the Santa Clara Superior Court. Judge lucas must have been spawn from the union of minor demon with a Black forest witch. What Rossi,etc and Lucas did is to steal from me the sum of $31,084. They did this by flagrantly violating every statutes in the book. Attorney Gullen is

member of Rossi,etc. That firm is perfectly aware of what Gullen has done. They have ignored every request from me to wipe out the fraudulent default Judgment against me. They are therefore accessories to Grand Theft and equally guilty. 

Chapter 5. Larceny – California Penal Code Section 487


Grand theft is theft committed in any of the following cases:

(a) When the money, labor, or real or personal property taken is of a value exceeding nine hundred fifty dollars $950


Please read the background below to familiarize yourself with the case.

On 1/27/2015 I filed the following:

Demand to vacate Ex Judge Lucas’s order to grant default in favor of the Mc Neils  of 12/11/14 as null and void

 Dishonorable Judge Lucas has no judicial powers and is totally out of jurisdiction in this or any case since she never disputed the above default demand.

Also I suspended Attorney Gullen on October 13, 2014, therefore he is comitting a criminal violation of the California Penal Code by continuing to represent his client

10/13/2014 Motion to compel Court to suspend Attorney Gullen from case

 Attorney Gullen pled guilty by default to 102 Criminal counts of criminal violations of the California Penal Code. Therefore, he must be forbidden to represent any client and is immediately suspended from this case and may not file any paper in Court henceforth

The above proved conspiracy to commit grand theft of $31,084  by Judge Lucas and Gullen since they both knew they were out of Jurisdiction in this case.    





On May 10th 2013, I mailed Old Republic title a demand for $82,184 for a property at 144 South 20th, San Jose which 2d deed of trust to the former owners the Mc Neils  had not been paid of. On Dec 23rd, 1991 a deed of trust for the amount of $   2 6, 000  was recorded in book L797 of official records , page 281.On 8/1/2003, I received a payoff demand from Alliance Title for $26,000 which I signed on 9/3/2003 and mailed back on 9/3/2003. Alliance did not pay me off.

Around April of 2013 I found the original note of $26,000 for that property and realized that it was never paid off. I therefore contacted Old Republic who paid off and  sued the Mc Neilsfor the pay off.   I was then countersued by the McNeils on the Grounds they had paid off. Attorney Gullen represented the McNeils. On his brief he accused me of fraud without any evidence. On 7/27/2014 I filed  Summary Judgment since There are no factual issues remain to be tried and therefore a cause of action or all causes of action in this complaint can be decided without trial. Click on following link for detail. After I recused two Judges the case was assigned to Judge Patricia Lucas who turned out to be most brazenly corrupt Judge I have ever encountered. Within two months I identified 130 Criminal violations of the California Penal Code she committed. I appealed to Judge Walsh in every one of my more than ten motions, but he stonewalled me and ignored every motions.

Lucas  denied my summary Judgment which she could not, based on CCP585 which states a summary Judgment must be granted if defendant does not dispute the Judgment. Gullen never filed an opposing motion. This proves he bribed Judge Lucas.

Amended summary Judgment


This case has been going on since June 17/2014. The Court has subjected me to a constant barrage of illegal Maneuvers. I have made a study of the ratings of the 89 Judges of the Santa Clara Superior court and have found out of the 89  only six honest enough to render Justice. The Court assigned two Judges  to my case who I immediately recused. The third Judge assigned was Patricia Lucas. Upon checking her ratings on the Robing Room Site which rates Judges I found out that she is totally prejudiced. Click on the following link and you find out she has six ratings from defendants whose rights have been trampled by her.

  Lucas ratings.pdf

Therefore I recused her  on 8/12/2014, based on ccp 170.1 which states recusal is appropriate if you suspect prejudice.  She struck the recusal on 9/18/2014. Between 8/12/2014 and today 9/25/2014, I have filed over ten motions addressed to Presiding Judge Walsh to recuse her. In the process I identified against her 54 Criminal Violations of the California Penal code. I filed a summary Judgment against The McNeils which were not answered and therefore should have been granted by the Court. Nevertheless, Judge Lucas Issued a tentative order on 8/18/2014  which she finalized on 8/18/2014 although Attorney Gullen did not show up at the hearing on 8/19/2014. This clearly proved Gullen conspiring with Judge Lucas to deny me my due process. Following link shows How Judge Walsh has broken the law.

    Motion for Judge Walsh to enforce the law 




Attorney Richard Gullen, a corrupt attorney


On 1/27/2015 I filed the following:

Demand to vacate Ex Judge Lucas’s order to grant default in favor of the Mc Neils  of 12/11/14 as null and void


nRichard gullen

Attorney Richard Gullen, a corrupt attorney


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