Santa Clara Superior Court conspires with CJP, bar association and District attorney to cover up criminal acts by corrupt Judges

To all members of the press

This is a press release of Corruption in the Santa Clara Superior Court involving all the Judges of the Court

                                      You may reach me at 650-969-2457 and my email is gmarosi@aol

The entire Superior Court of Santa Clara County  has brazenly conspired with the CJP, the Bar Association, the Santa Clara District Attorneys’ s office to cover up criminal violations of the California Penal Code by four Judges of the Court. I have indisputable evidence that the entire court has  been bribed by Attorney Gullen, and his firm, Hammerschlough.  The court has  violated all the rules and statutes of the Constitution to cover up those  criminal acts of those Judges

I have proven  Ex Judge Patricia Lucas to be mentally impaired, incompetent and corrupt . She has conspired with Attorney Richard Gullen to strip me of my constitutional rights to impartial Justice.

I filed six Motions with Presiding Judge Walsh to impeach, suspend, remove  Lucas . He ignored all those motions. I  filed motions with Judge Kirwan to grant summary Judgments against the McNeils and Attorney Gullen. All those motions were ignored.

Judge Symons ,while out of jurisdiction,  filed a ruling absolving Judge Lucas of all crimes. I filed motions accusing above Judges of conspiring with Attorney Gullen to deny me due process. I accused them of being bribed by Gullen. None of those motions were disputed.

I  filed Motions with the Bar association to disbar Judges Lucas, Kirwan, Walsh and Symons. Those motions were ignored. I then filed Motions with the Commission for Judicial performance  to remove Lucas, Kirwan, Walsh and Symons from the Court. I filed motions with the Santa Clara District attorney’s office to prosecute above Judges, Attorney Gullen and against Law Offices of Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck. Click on following link for details.

Mentally impaired judge Lucas  allowed to sit in bench

I filed punitive damages against Lucas and the Bar Association. Again those motions were ignored. It is evident the Superior Court of Santa Clara has conspired to commit fraud with the CJP, the Bar Association, The Santa Clara  District Attorney’s office, Attorney Gullen and  the firm of Rossi, Hammerschlough .

All of the above Judges and agencies have conspired to commit fraud, deliberately denied me due process, discriminated against me, denied me equal protection under the law, abused their power, obstructed Justice, committed perjury. they have been bribed by Gullen and the firm of Hammerschlough to deny me my rights.

The 89 Judges of the Santa Clara Superior Court allow her to sit on the bench to deal out her brand of injustice in direct criminal violation of the California Penal Code.

Check details at my blog

As shown from the case docket, she presides at dept 2,  I recused her and filed six motions to impeach or suspend her,which she did not dispute. Nevertheless from 8/19/2014 to present she continues to unlawfully hear this case and other cases.

Since the beginning of this case she has shown ignorance of every statute and applicable law or rules of the court. She has violated the three canons of Judicial Ethics. She is no more fit to sit on the bench as the local plumber. Yet 89 Judges of the Santa Clara Superior Court turn a blind eye to her irrational decisions and allow her to slash her way through defenseless litigants.


Following is the motion I filed on 1/29/2015

6xth motion for default Judgment against ex Judge Lucas for Court to remove her from the bench

Ex-Judge Lucas is mentally impaired, irrational, clearly incompetent since she is totally ignorant of the statutes and rules of the Court which must be complied with.

Following is evidence proving the above:

1: Lucas disregarded and did not dispute Twenty eight Motions filed between Aug 2014 and present

CCP 854c states any motion undisputed before the deadline must be granted. How could Lucas disregard the motions unless she is mentally impaired and irrational. She shows total ignorance of the applicable laws and statutes and violates the canons of Judicial Ethics.

2.Since Attorney Jones dismissed his case against McNeil on 12/15/2015. This case is now terminated,Yet Lucas filed an order as follows:

Pursuant to Notice filed 11/25/14

Answer and cross complaint of Cecilia and Gilbert Marosi is stricken and default entered

Obviously Lucas is not in her right mind!


3. I suspended Attorney Gullen on 11/5/2014. Yet he continues to represent McNeil. This makes the order null and void. Lucas was perfectly aware of this, yet she ignored thus proving she is indeed mentally impaired and irrational therefore incompetent to rule in this  or any case

  1. I recused Lucas back on Aug 12th, 2014 which she never disputed. She was therefore out of jurisdiction right from the beginning, She disregarded that recusal and all further motions to remove her from the bench.

Any Judge is his right mind would have immediately recused herself from that case, yet she did not. Again this proves her  deranged and irrational and brain dead

Presiding Judge Walsh refuses to suspend Judge Patricia Lucas who does not dispute the 356 criminal violations of the California penal Code. He refuses to grant my summary Judgments. He refuses to sanction Attorney Gullen although I have proven he has bribed Judge Lucas. he is also accessory to the above criminal violations including bribery. Judge Walsh must be recalled and removed from the bench which he has disgraced.

Every single judge of the Santa Clara Superior Court is an accessory to 356 Criminal Violations of the California Penal Code since they ignored the motions served on every one of the above Judges to remove the four corrupt Judges, Lucas, Walsh Kirwan and Symons.

The entire Santa Clara Superior court is nothing but an organized crime organization  involved in a pattern of racketeering and should be convicted under the RICO criminal statute (18U.S.C.A &1963). The Superior Court flagrantly has conspired against me, committed fraud, discriminated against me, abused their power, obstructed Justice, denied me equal protection under the law. All of this to shield  deranged, lunatic Judge Patricia Lucas from beeing booted from the bench and sentenced  to theoretically 128 years Jail along with her coconspirators, Kirwan, Walsh and Symons.




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